Canadian Water Network is a trusted broker of insights for the water sector

Informed decisions result from addressing the right questions. When decision makers ask, ‘What does the science say about this?’ Canadian Water Network frames what is known and unknown in a way that usefully informs the choices being made.

Our unique approach begins with an in-depth understanding of the problem and identifying where progress can be made. We talk to the experts and consult the knowledge base to frame the knowns and unknowns. From there, we communicate relevant insights to practice and policy leaders, moving the conversation forward.

Interest Areas

Municipal Water

Agriculture & Water

Climate Change

Energy & Resources

Watershed Management

Indigenous Communities

Define the Question – Frame the Knowledge – Generate Insights

“Water management is complex, and making good decisions is about so much more than acquiring information. It’s about accessing the insights that are relevant to practical decisions and finding new ways to approach ‘wicked problems.’ That happens by listening and identifying what decision makers need. By reframing and reshaping the conversation, Canadian Water Network is moving the needle forward. We provide the ‘so what’ of leading knowledge.”

Bernadette Conant, CEO, Canadian Water Network