Canadian Water Network is proud to be one of twelve leading research organizations across the world in an international water research alliance, The Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC). Focusing on water supply, wastewater issues and renewable water resources, the GWRC is dedicated to promoting international cooperation and collaboration in water-related research.

Formed in 2002, members of the GWRC are in charge of a national research program addressing the various elements of the water cycle, while aiding in the development of a solid global research agenda and dissemination of knowledge.

Member organizations:

  • Canadian Water Network
  • DVGW TZW – Water Technology Center (Germany)
  • Kiwa Water Cycle Research Institute (Netherlands)
  • PUB (Singapore)
  • Stowa – Foundation for Applied Water Research (Netherlands)
  • Suez Environmental – CIRSEE (France)
  • United Kingdom Water Industry Research
  • Veolia Environnement – VERI (France)
  • Water Research Australia
  • Water Research Commission (South Africa)
  • Water Research Foundation (United States)
  • Water Services Association of Australia