Changing Trends in Water Use: Planning and Design of Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

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Municipal per capita water use is decreasing across Canada, and utilities are looking at the resulting implications on the design of water and wastewater infrastructure. In this second webinar on changing trends in water use, leading practitioners will discuss how they are proactively addressing impacts through more efficient planning and design of water and wastewater infrastructure, including the role of water demand forecasting in planning and the consideration of uncertainty in design. Learn more about how some proactive municipalities and consulting firms are approaching this issue, from problem definition to solution, as well as challenges encountered and insights gained along the way.

Who should attend this webinar?
Utility managers, knowledge and solution providers, government regulators.
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This webinar is the second in a series; the first webinar (November 2018) examined the impacts of changing water usage trends on water and wastewater system operations.



Nicole Sapeta
Project Engineer, Engineering and Planning Group, Region of Waterloo

Nicole Sapeta is a project engineer in the Region of Waterloo’s Engineering and Planning Group, with more than 10 years of experience in consulting and the municipal sector. Nicole has been involved in a range of studies to plan for future water and wastewater infrastructure, which has included reviewing historical water use, updating design criteria to reflect recent trends, and preparing water demand and wastewater flow forecasts. Capturing changing trends in water use has been a key component of the successful completion of these studies.

Kaoru Yajima
Civil Engineer, Water Services Division, Region of Waterloo

Kaoru Yajima is a civil engineer for the Region of Waterloo’s Water Services Division, where he is primarily responsible for the long-term planning of water and wastewater facilities. Prior to his employment at the Region of Waterloo, Kaoru worked as a water supply engineer on water-related infrastructure projects in Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and Middle East.

Heather Zarski
Specialist, Planning, Water Distribution and Transmission, EPCOR

Heather Zarski began her career with EPCOR in 2004 after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Alberta. In her current role as Planning Specialist, she focuses on integrated resource planning for the Edmonton utility, GIS analysis to understand Edmonton’s current water usage patterns, water consumption forecasting and conservation program development.

Jack C. Kiefer
Senior Associate, Hazen and Sawyer

Jack Kiefer, PhD, has more than 27 years of consulting experience in water demand analysis and forecasting, integrated water resources planning, risk and uncertainty analysis, applied economics and econometrics. Jack has directed several national-scale studies for the Water Research Foundation, concentrating on key factors that influence water demand, future uncertainties and information needs. He continues to support some of the largest water utilities in North America in demand forecasting, planning and program evaluation. Jack currently serves as a senior leader within Hazen’s Water Resources and Economic Services practice groups.

Linda Sawyer
Senior Process Engineer, Brown and Caldwell

Dr. Linda Sawyer is a senior process engineer with over 20 years of experience in wastewater process engineering, including master planning, biological treatment process modeling, nutrient removal, aeration evaluations and recycled water. She has worked on multiple projects in California, where mandatory water conservation measures and a significant reduction in flows have resulted in unintended consequences for wastewater facilities. Linda presented at WEFTEC (2016) and WateReuse California (2017) on declining flows. She holds a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley and is a registered professional engineer in California.


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