In 2009, CWN identified the challenge of providing safe drinking water as a crucial focus within our Canadian Municipal Water Consortium. At that time, an international expert panel was assembled to collaborate with a steering committee of municipal water providers and drinking water regulators.  Stemming from this focus area, a report, Managing Uncertainty in the Provision of safe Drinking Water, was published.


The co-author of the report, Steve E. Hrudey, noted:

“…progress is best achieved by ensuring that drinking water providers and regulators are served in their various roles by sharing a common understanding about what is known.”

Steve E. Hrudey and Elizabeth J. Hrudey have continued to build on Hrudey’s early CWN-funded work by collecting international case studies into a new book:

Published by the American Water Works Association, the book provides an invaluable tool for water professionals:

Ensuring Safe Drinking Water provides water operators and managers an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others. This book presents 21 case studies—10 waterborne disease outbreaks, 7 cases of severe chemical contamination, and 4 close calls—written largely from the perspective of frontline personnel who experienced the events as they unfolded. For each case, the authors have provided background, operational details, illustrations, questions to ponder, lessons learned and more.

Accessible and urgent, the book is intended to spark discussion and exchange. Its true-life stories, of how things can go wrong, lay out what’s at stake in the crucial work that water professionals perform every day.

Copies of Ensuring Safe Drinking Water can be ordered online from the AWWA Store.