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Upcoming Webinars

Re-examining GUDI* – Ontario’s new Terms of Reference
Date to be announced

* Groundwater Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water

Ontario has recently updated the Terms of Reference guidance document for ensuring that appropriate treatment is provided by water works to reduce the risk to human health attributable to disease-causing microorganisms.

Learn about what’s included and why:

  • The government’s rationale for updating the 2001 Terms of Reference
  • A general overview, scientific basis and limitations
  • Linking treatment requirements and microbiological water quality
  • Linking treatment requirements and physical and chemical water quality
  • Next steps

Bring your questions to the webinar – this is an excellent opportunity to learn from colleagues who genuinely understand where you’re coming from and what you’re dealing with.

Aziz Ahmed (P.Eng) is manager of approvals and licensing for safe drinking water at the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, and is also the approving director under part V and VI of the Safe Drinking Water Act. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto in Chemical Engineering, and has worked with the MOE since 1988 in engineering and management positions in water treatment and distribution, stormwater management and industrial wastewater. Previously, Aziz worked at Redpath Sugars and Ontario Hydro.

Dr. Monica Emelko is an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Waterloo. Her research interests are focused on drinking water supply and treatment, particularly as related to sustainable technology design and optimization, risk analysis, integrated resource management, climate change impacts on water, pathogen transport in porous media, groundwater under the influence of surface water, and quantitative microbial risk assessment.

Tim Walton supervises process and compliance at the Region of Waterloo. He is the overall responsible operator and operator in charge, and supervises operation of the process/SCADA & water quality section, including staffing, lab analysis, process control and optimization of water treatment processes. Tim is registered with OACETT as an Applied Science Technologist and is working towards his Certified Engineering Technologist designation. He also holds class IV certificates for water treatment and water distribution with the OWWCO.

Dennis Mutti is the president of C3 Water Inc., and has 25 years of progressive experience in the municipal water industry. For eight years he designed and constructed water treatment plants in Southern Ontario, which led to a thorough understanding of SCADA, process control and data management systems, and a passion for the start-up, commissioning and optimization phase of projects. Dennis holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and a master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Waterloo. He’s s been involved with source water characterization and well treatment since the mid-1990’s.